Sunday, January 1, 2012

How I got hooked on sailing

I have a friend, whom I used to work with, who is a mad keen sailor. When I moved to a new job I used to drop in on to say hello occasionally. I knew I would always find him on a local lake racing his sailing models on a Saturday morning. I was constantly amazed that he would regularly win races with home made boats carved out of old logs with plastic sheeting for sails, even though he would be competing against commercially produced racing boats. I could do better than that I thought! What I have learned in the subsequent 15 years is that I have a lot to learn about sailing.

Beth under sail. Port Albert 2010.

After a number of experimental models I built Bertha. Bertha was a 5ft long 8ft high gaff rigged boat modelled of lines published in Wooden Boat magazine . The lines were a modern interpretation of a Fife yacht. The model was stripped planked with internal fibreglass reinforcement. She is a big heavy boat but spectacular on the water.