Monday, January 30, 2012

On the ropes

Another 35 degree Celsius day kept me out of the workshop this weekend so I turned to a repair job to entertain myself.  I had made a pair of rope fenders about three years ago for Begonia.  I can recall at the time struggling getting a reasonable tension on the strands because the rope was stiff and new.  Three years later the strands have started to unravel.

The first step was to tape up the loose ends so that the strands could be worked without unraveling further.  Then each strand in the remaining hitching was tightened up to get as much extra length as possible.  The hitching was evened out and extended to cover the bound rope core.  This time round the rope was nice and soft so it was fairly easy on the hands.  

With the hitching done the remaining strand length was backspliced and the whole fender tightened up again. Another advantage I have gained in the last three years is my Swedish fid which made the job much easier.  To finish off the backsplice I have fed a loop of twine under the hitching to pull through the last of the loose ends.

The repaired fenders are better than new.  The softer rope and new fid meant I was able to get a much tighter and neater finish.