Saturday, February 4, 2012

Advances in boy scout technology

Maybe I'm getting old, but I'm over the excitement of preparing a hot meal in the open air with just a simple stove.  I can recall one memorable trip where we holed up in a foreshore picnic shelter one morning to make a hot cup of coffee in driving onshore rain.  Initially I thought I would make a fully optioned chuck box but in the end I decided to break it down to a couple of easily managed components.  A bench with removable legs and two storage boxes with double as stove wind shields.  

The new rig provided a level of camping sophistication never before seen.

This little black duck took an interest in the construction details.  Simple timber frames doubling as handles screwed on a marine ply base with stainless steel sheeting screwed to the frames.  Removable top and front sit on locating buttons so that the panels sit in place during transport.  

Happy camping!