Sunday, March 11, 2012

Focus Pablo, Focus.

Whilst every wooden boat tragic* in Melbourne attended the Geelong Wooden Boat Festival, I spent my free time this weekend painting my bottom.  Such is my commitment to my canoe build schedule,  sanding, painting, drying, sanding, painting, drying...yawn

My thoughts drifted to my recent holiday read which was "Practical Dinghy Cruiser" by Paul Constantine which I bought online from the Small Craft Advisor site.  An odd, but enjoyable book.  Lots of stories, ideas and sketches, but no index.  More than enough content to get me sketching ideas for my refit of Beth.  Spray covers, dodgers, reefing systems, sleeping platforms, where do I start?

* The highlight of my weekend may have been Coast S6 Ep38 - Sweden And The Baltic where I got a tantalising glimpse of the front 6 feet of a classic Swedish motor cruiser, an intriguing 30 second shot of what I think was a replica Swedish sailing pilot boat and a segment about the Vasa.  Does it get any more exciting?