Sunday, March 25, 2012

The lanyard knot

Considering I started blogging so that I could sit at my desk at work and peruse all my projects, I am always pleasantly surprised when I learn that some one else has read my blog.  When, however, I see my site traffic go through the roof I after I post a video of me tying a knot I, become a little alarmed that so many people read my ... stuff.  Makes me think that I should make an effort with my stories and photos.  Not likely to happen until I retire.  In the mean time here is a video of me practicing a lanyard knot for my new canoe handles.  The arthouse soundtrack was provided by Son of Tinker who couldn't keep quiet for the duration of the video.  If you require further, more detailed, instruction I can highly recommend Des Pawson's "Knot Craft".