Saturday, March 31, 2012

Starting the rudder

I can feel launch day approaching.
There are a handful of jobs remaining including the internal seating and pedals, rudder, gudgeons, pintles.  I will also need a trolley and some sort of roof rack to carry the canoe to the launch site.  The rudder assembly has been laminated with a 14mm hoop pine core and 10mm ply cheeks.  The core is in sections so that the rudder lifting line has a channel to run through.  The yoke was made with a back and a front half and fitted over the rudder box with half lap joints.
The most important job remaining is to make the name plate.  The 'client' has chosen the name Marisol. I only carve names without the letters 's' and 'o' so I will need to figure out another method for this one.