Saturday, April 7, 2012

Miracle of miracles

A free day with no commitments!  That doesn't happen often.  The forecast was for 17 degrees and a ten knot breeze dying off through the day.  I decided to try a local boat ramp because I wasn't even sure there would be enough of a breeze to sail.  We were greeted by a gusty onshore 12 knots with wave breaking onto the concrete ramp.  There was no way I was going to launch in that wind with only rocks either side of the ramp.

We headed for Rye and launched into a stiff 12knots breeze heading along the coast for Sorrento.  We stopped for lunch on the beach before Blaregowrie and by the time we headed off the breeze had died down to a   relaxing 10 knots.  We made our way through the couta boat fleet and made Sorrento in about three hours.  We let out the reef and made the return leg in just over an hour.

Three hours at the helm brings the total to 126 hours.