Saturday, May 19, 2012

Experimental router lift

With my ever expanding collection of timber offcuts one of my priority projects is to make a router table with lifting mechanism.  I have had a number of temporary jigs for my router over the years but since I came across the "" router table design I have been keen to build a more permanent setup.  A couple of evenings with a sketch pad and a free afternoon in the workshop produced this experimental proof of concept setup.  It is basically two sliding plates mounted in a timber frame with a 45 degree slot in one plate and a roller bearing in the other.  As you push and pull one plate horizontally the other plate is driven vertically up and down.  The plan is to bolt the frame to the side of the router table and bolt the router to the vertical plate.  An M6 screw advance should provide 1mm rise per turn and a slot and one or two locking bolts through the plates should provide enough rigidity.

Not sure why my video uploads have the colour cast.  I'll post clearer photos next time.