Friday, August 31, 2012

Welding practice

With my winter clear out program well under way I thought I would do some welding practice with some 3mm plate I have had stashed away.  The sheet was 200mm wide and I thought I would weld a small wood stove.  I cut the sheet with my jigsaw which was surprisingly easy.  Restricted by the size of the material I welded a 200mm square x 600mm box with an exhaust baffle in the ceiling.  The test burn went well enough with air drawing through the fire and up the chimney.  I was happy with the welding but I learnt that if I wanted a portable camp stove 3mm plate is too heavy and if I wanted a wood stove for my workshop 200mm square x 600mm is too small to be practical.  An interesting experiment and another stove will be on the drawing board soon.  This stove went to my local friendly scrap yard in exchange for more materials.