Friday, October 26, 2012

Fat knees and firm bottoms

I am always surprised when I discover some one has read my blog, but last weeks reader left a comment which made me realise how little I think about an audience.  The question was "why is a stiffer boat better" and "some flex would be a good thing".  That's correct, some flex is a good thing.  A flexible structure will absorb impact loading softening a blow.  My concern, however, is that localised impact loading from the trailer could be delaminating my bottom planks.  A stiffer bottom and more rigid hull will help distribute the impact load across a broader area instead of the immediate impact zone.

Rubbing strips added to plank edges

It kind of makes sense to me and I think it will help my boat deal with rough conditions.  I hope it makes sense to my reader. I don't have an animation prepared, but this is a real simulation from the "MechanicalLaboratory" you tube channel explains torsional stresses better than I can.