Friday, October 5, 2012

Swiss cheese

So far the boat has been disassembled and the spars cleaned and oiled without problems.  Damage to the centre board has been repaired without major drama and the trailer is in good order.  When I started looking at what I thought were paint cracks in the hull things went pair shaped.  In a classic example of the swiss cheese model a whole range of factors seem to have conspired to delaminate a patch of my 6mm ply hull.

Most of the floor bearers span the width of the bottom except, for obvious reasons, the bearers either side of the centre board trunk.  Floor bearers, epoxy and ply all flex with the load but the weak point is the bond between layers of ply.  What started as a paint crack developed into delamination and accelerated with the ingress of water and sand.

So out come the offending floor bearers.
What was that I said? "I don't want to spend my summer refitting my boat".