Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stove number two

Stove number two is an attempt at a small portable camp stove that could boil a billy without too much trouble.  One of the problems with stove number 1 was that with a front loading configuration, ash and embers would fall out.  In stove number two I  was trying to incorporate some aspects of a rocket stove into the design which was based around a 5kg gas bottle I had been using as a water tank for steam bending. It has a 90mm vertical exhaust tube and a 50mm intake tube which worked well for air circulation and produced a pronounce rocket sound as it drew air in under pressure.  Once going the stove burned well, although my neighbours would complain that it put out too much smoke whilst I was getting it going.

The main problem with the stove in use was that when I wanted to load fuel to boil my billy it would block the air flow and reduce the temperature.  I also discovered that it was relatively difficult to find bits of wood precisely the right size to fit the stove.  My welding skills haven't improved in the intervening months since the first stove but I did learn how tricky welding curved surfaces can get.  I spent a lot of time planning each setup to maintain a good body position for each length of weld.