Friday, February 8, 2013

Getting to know Marisol

Launch day for Marisol was more an opportunity for me to see how she floated rather than to do any paddling.  This morning was my first genuine attempt at getting from point A to point B.  After my initial embarrassments trying to stay afloat I managed to set myself up so that I was comfortable and stable enough to actually paddle somewhere.  I successfully paddled from one side of the beach to the other without falling out.  The first improvement was to get rid of the canoe seat I had made.  It was too high and sitting on the floor was comfortable enough. The next improvement will be to remake the rudder assembly.  As drawn the rudder arms are way too long so I will be cutting the down to match the four inch pedal travel.  Also there is too much stretch in my rudder lines so they will need to be beefed up.  I guess that's standard procedure for me.  Build as best I can to launch and then fine tune the details.  All good fun.