Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Inner city sailing

The plan was to head out of St Kilda and potter round the beaches but the conditions were too good to go home.  We launched at St Kilda and the first mate decided he would prefer to tack into a headwind all the way out of the channel rather than row.  He would have had my full support if it weren't for the multi million dollar obstacles. Out on the bay we popped in for lunch at the Kerford road beach, then headed off across the bay to Williamstown.  It was so much fun we headed back to Port Melboune then back to Williamstown by which time the wind had died off.  The last crossing back to St Kilda was a more leisurely pace and took about an hour.

Six hours on the water, three hours relaxing on deck with video camera and three hours at the helm bring my total of hours at the helm to 140 hours.  Next time I'll stop in for a cappucino some where.