Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stove Number Three

Stove number three project started months ago as a way for me to warm up both my welding technique and my electrode before tackling some routine repair jobs.  I have used some of my 2mm mild steel sheet stock and the idea was to make a simple top loading camp stove with an inlet and exhaust baffle.  The initial firing wasn't that successful.  As with stove number two I seem to consistently under estimate the volume of air required to maintain the burn.  I found I had to keep the lid open to maintain the heat so it sat in the back of my project pile waiting for modifications.  Since then I have been put on a "transition to retirement program" courtesy of my previous employer, so I have found myself with some extra free time but not enough cashflow to start my Paul Gartside 30 foot cutter retirement project (that's a joke by the way).  Instead I have dug out my stove and drilled some additional vent holes.  Testing seemed to be successful and being able to boil a billy for two cups of tea in under ten minutes makes for a useful camp stove.