Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The challenge

Mrs Tinkerer recently requested a new wardrobe ... with doors ... for the spare room.  I personally don't see the functional value of doors on wardrobes.  They obscure the view of whats inside and they take up space when you open them.  My chipboard, stackable, "storage solutions" I made in a weekend when we moved in eight years ago worked well, I thought.  Never the less, I was happy to accompany Mrs Tinkerer to our local Swedish flat pack showroom along with every other Melbournian one Sunday afternoon.  I don't mind looking at furniture show rooms because I usually come away with some good ideas.  One "wardrobe" on display for $59 was like a tent for clothes with a zip fronted door.  Probably great for long term camping.  The cheapest wardrobe under consideration for our spare room was called "Hemnes" and was $399.  I liked the name but it was made from something resembling cardboard.

"I could make something better than that" I said.
"If it has doors then go ahead" said Mrs Tinkerer.

Back home "Abraham" the armoire was sketched roughly with a face frame, two doors and three wide drawers at the base.  In an effort to keep the cost down I have used radiata pine frame and 4mm ply panels along with a selection of various timbers from my vast timber store otherwise known as the scrap pile.  The carcass face and all the visible trim will be finished in hoop pine.  To date I have spent $380 and I have yet to buy material for the doors and drawers.  My big miscalculation was the waste from a sheet of ply.  The back frame has two ply panels cut from one sheet but the left over is not big enough to use any where else.  I might have to fit cardboard boxes for drawers and curtains for doors to keep the price under $399.