Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tinkerers portable workbench system

I had a comment last week about the low worktable my wardrobe was sitting on.  Regular readers may remember that I was given an old flatpack kitchen earlier in the year.  It sat stacked in the middle of my workshop for months.  Most of my chessboard build was done on that stack of melamine chipboard and I have to say it was perfect for the job.  It was a durable, smooth, flat surface and was infinitely adjustable buy taking boards on and off the stack.  It was decided then.  I would build an auxiliary workbench.

So here it is.  I call it my Josh Finn, Ron Paulk, Garry Smith inspired Tinkerers portable workbench system.  It is basically a standardized set of beams and boxes which stack together.  The boxes are a foot and a half long and I have pairs of five and eight foot beams.  All the components are one foot square which means they are light enough to move single handed but plenty strong enough to sit stand and work on without any deflection.  The boxes have cleats which help them nest like a set of Lego.  The beams have two flat faces and two faces with access holes and flanges.  I have been surprised at how stable they are simply stacked but for any tinkering jobs that require big hammers I generally clamp them together.