Monday, December 16, 2013


I have been putting the finishing touches to a warping mill for Mrs Tinkerer when I popped down to the local hardware to buy some 1/4 inch BSW wing nuts only to find that they don't stock them because there is no demand.  What is the world coming to and what does the world use to fasten a light frame assembly without tools?  Back in the workshop I pulled out one of my small hole saws and cut blanks out of some scrap.  Drilled a clearance hole for my 1/4 inch coach bolt and a counterbore with an interference fit for a standard 1/4 inch BSW nut.  I then pressed a standard nut into the wood and rounded over the edges on the router table with a jig to keep my fingers away from the cutter.

The warping mill has been an interesting project because I have never seen a warping mill let alone know how it is used.  I have had to learn a bit about weaving to be able to make a usable device.  The mill is similar in function to a the warping board I made earlier in the year but is capable of preparing a warp for a much much bigger weaving project.  I set up at least three prototypes with bits of wood and G clamps and tried to wind a warp before I was confident I could build the final unit.  One prototype idea that made it to the final version was to mount the mill on the back of two standard chairs rather than build a frame which needed to be stored when not in use.