Thursday, December 12, 2013

South Channel Fort and Pile Light

It was a fairly late start launching at Rye at about 3.30pm but a steady south westerly kept us going almost all day.  The first point of interest was the South Channel Pile Light built in 1874 to guide ships through the narrow South Channel.  The light house was manned until 1925 but now is occupied by seals and sea birds.  We reached the South Channel Fort by 5pm and sat down for a cuppa and a walk around the island.  The South Channel Island is a man made island built during the 1880's as part of Port Phillip's strategic defence network to protect the colony against Russian aggression. The wind shift and incoming tide took us further up the coast that we would have liked leaving us a slow tack up the coast to come in at about 7.30pm.  Three hours at the helm brings my total to 143 hours.