Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The tinkerers tool stool

Just when I had resigned myself to padding and polishing all summer to finish my wardrobe, Mrs Tinkerer has requested a number of simple projects to support her new interests in weaving.  This is a golden opportunity to move scrap from my workshop to the house so I'm not going to let it go.  First project off the rank is a low bench so that Mrs. Tinker can work at her new floor loom without having to constantly stoop over.  Generally with these type of jobs I prefer to whip something up out of scrap and use it rather than labour over the design details.  If it proves useful and usable I can recreate the design in exotic timber with fine joinery at a later date.

I have had the idea of making a pair of tool stools in the form of a scaled down six board blanket chest since the rash of bloggers who started making and writing about the English and Dutch tool chests.  My theory is that two smaller and lighter boxes would be easier to move around and be more useful as saw horses.  These two his and hers stools are 36 inches 18 inches high and 10 inches wide.  Hers will be used to store spools and shuttles until I can recreate it with fine joinery.  Mine will be fitted with a saw till and screwdriver rack.  The tops are pinned in place with 1/4 inch coach bolt and have a hand hold in the center so they can be easily moved around.