Thursday, January 9, 2014

Taking a closer look

I have been restoring a set of dining chairs in the previous week, stripping back upholstery and removing upholstery tacks.  I have estimated 300 tacks per chair or 1200 tacks in total.  Pincer pliers are one of the tools I have had problems with over the years.  There have been a number that have been thrown out in disgust within a week of purchase.  They don't sit in the hand right or they wont dig in under the tack head.  I picked up my current set some time in the last ten years.  They have a very flat nose with next to no bevel so they dig in under most nail heads.  Probably the most notable feature is that when they close around a nail head the handle is in the perfect position for my hand to apply maximum pressure.

With my new appreciation for forge work I thought I would clean off the paint and epoxy and take a closer look.  To my amazement the handle is stamped "E. A. Berg Eskiltuna Sweden".  That would explain it.  I now need to find a replacement and keep these away from all the paint and epoxy.