Friday, February 21, 2014

Alma Doepel

After several months occupied as a gentleman of leisure I have recently gone back to full time work to pay my debt to society.  As a result I have been spending less time on line and even less time in my workshop.  I did, however, have the opportunity through the week to visit the Alma Doepel restoration workshop.  The Alma Doepel is a three masted top-sail schooner built in Bellingen in 1903.  She is a shallow drafted ship with two center boards so that she could carry goods along the NSW coast and be able to cross river bars.  Seeing the ship dismantled with all the items cataloged made me realize just how complex a process restoration is.  It would probably be easier to build from scratch.  It's possible the volunteers just just want to maximize their time in such a massive and impressive workshop.