Saturday, April 12, 2014

Forging a froe

The ultimate aim of my recent venture into blacksmithing has been to make myself a froe.  A froe is not the sort of thing I can pick up at my local hardware so forging my own has always seemed like a good idea.  I have previously used an improvised froe made from a flat tire lever welded to a round shafted wrench.  The tire lever was only 25mm wide so there was barely enough leverage to open out a split.  The new froe is made from a section of leaf spring 50mm wide.  I started by forging the eye and then drew out the edge, hammering the section down and out to a thin taper, so the the finish width is about 60mm.  One unintended consequence of drawing out the edge is the curve in the blade.  Drawing out the edge also stretched the material along the length of the blade.  If I were to make another I would pre bend the blade to compensate.