Saturday, December 13, 2014

2B or not 2B

After being banished to Melbourne's western suburbs for most of the year I am now holed up in Auckland on family duties.  2014 is looking like  the year without tinkering.  After my last post I had a kind offer from Greg Merritt ( to use his knot tying illustrations but the thought occurred to me that I should be producing my own drawings. I am probably one of the last generations of engineers who has spent time at the drawing board with a pencil and paper so I should be able to produce a usable instructional drawing.
The interesting part of the exercise was realising that I really needed to illustrate hand positions as well as rope.  Not something they covered in engineering drafting 101 in 1985.  The other interesting point was just how difficult it was to communicate the sequence and details of operations so the Mrs Tinkerer could follow.
2015 could be the year to improve my drawing skills.