Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bean rock lighthouse.

I am back from NZ now and and getting back to normal life.  I had a lot of time in Auckland to watch you tube instructional videos and practice my drafting skills.  I had a crack at drawing the bean rock light house with Rangitoto in the background.  The lighthouse was erected in 1871 as a response to increased shipping servicing the gold rush and is an Auckland icon.

The other memento from my trip is a copy of The Dinghy Cruising Companion by Roger Barnes.  I enjoyed read his collection of articles about boats and sailing.  Stories of his sailing misadventures probably wouldn't entice a novice into dinghy cruising but if you are already a wooden boat tragic they are a good read.  I was most interested in the details of his Francois Vivier designed Ilur and the amount of electronics he has packed into a 15 foot open boat.