Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stove number three

It is "Pablofest" this weekend which means I have a full weekend in the workshop with no scheduled interruptions.  I could have done any number of useful jobs but I chose to practice my welding and use up some of my scrap.  If I don't use up my scrap some one may mistake it for rubbish and throw it out.  I have had a compressor tank I found on some ones hard rubbish pile some time in the 90's.  I had always meant to build a compressor but that didn't eventuate so I tried to sell it on ebay but no luck.

Rather than throw it out I decided to build another wood stove.  This one has a vertical fire box leading into a horizontal cook top.  The tank sits on a tripod so it is nice and stable and has an air intake and ash ash dump controlled by simple gate valves.  There is a removable hot plate which can be used to load fuel and a couple of small holes so you can watch the flames flicker.  I have a removable fire grate that sits in the base at 45 degrees to maintain a good air flow.

Seems to work well.