Monday, February 29, 2016

The end of an era

It is with a little sadness I am announcing completion of my last project from the current workshop.  After two years of limited access the common sense decision has been made and the the house is on the market.  All my project material, otherwise known as scrap, has been sold or given away.  Most of my tools have been sold and my table saw decommissioned.

My last project was from an old hardwood plank I had been saving to make a Skansen style bench from Keisjser and Sjoberg "Making Swedish Country Furniture and Household Things".  There are no gussets or braces with this design just heavy timbers with mortises and wedged tenons.  Solid as a rock.

I don't know how much tinkering I can write about without a workshop so I may have to resort to a more abstract discussion about engineering design or just plain social commentary.  Who knows what the future holds but I'm sure it will be interesting, I just don't know if it will be worth blogging about.