Friday, April 22, 2016

The only constant is change

Slowly starting to get my head above water after relocating from Port Phillip Bay to San Francisco Bay.  I'm now driving comfortably on the wrong side of the road, happily ignoring red lights on right hand turns and can almost understand how far a mile is.  I'm still struggling with the funny accents and unusual turns of phrase but one of my work colleagues told me you could enroll in an accent reduction class.  I offered to pay the tuition fees for him.

I have no immediate capacity to open a new workshop or go sailing but I did use local postage to have plans for an Ian Oughtred Claedonian Yawl shipped to my apartment.  I thought that was an appropriate use of my first pay packet.  Starting to think about how I am going to tinker with the layout.  Maybe a scale reduction to 18 foot and bring the mizzen forward to eliminate the boomkin.  There will probably be more travelling tinkerer blog posts than build blog post for the immediate future.