Sunday, August 23, 2020

More isolation and more scrapwood projects

 As this social isolation keeps going and all the jobs I should be working on slip into distant memory, I continue to be grateful for just how lucky I am.  My new liitle workshop is a haven of creativity and productivity which keeps me occupied for hours on end.  Lately I have pulled out all my scraps of unusual timber to use for odd toolmakling jobs I have wanted to do for literally years.  Starting with a collection of chisels with new handles turned from European Ash recovered from council tree pruners working in our street.  Next a set of travishers and spokeshaves out of Jarrah with blades I think I bought but it was so long ago I cant remember.  Finally a set of Japanese style marking gauges in Oak recovered from a dressing table found on hard rubish and two Japanese sytle planes made from laminated Jarrah.  I bought the blades dirt cheap at Alameda market and brought them back in my suitcase.  I have to say I am very impressed with the planes and will definitly be making more wooden bodied planes.

Hope everyone is surving lockdown and can keep going.

Stay storong

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